Ticketing and Booking Software for Attractions

So much more than a ticketing POS, Booking Boss is your end-to-end, web-based solution for a high-performing attraction. 
We know that admissions is the lion's share of your attractions revenue, whether you are a zoo, theme park or wildlife park. We also know how complex admissions sales can be as a ticket can be sold via multiple channels at multiple rates. Then throw in in-attraction capacity based experiences, education programs, special events and parties bookings and next thing you know, you have a quagmire of information and reduced visibility on how effective and profitable the business actually is.
Booking Boss can easily manage your ticketing and in-attraction bookings centrally to reduce queues, increase visitation, increase profit margins and increase visibility of your business.
No matter which way a booking comes in, or a ticket is sold; Booking Boss handles it.
Say goodbye to multiple outdated systems and streamline your admissions process to keep your customers and internal business departments happy.


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What does Booking Boss mean for your team?


  • Booking Boss ticketing POS - process an entry ticket in 12 seconds. Ability to combo products and process tour operator bookings quickly.
  • Self Service Kiosks - options for Self Service kiosks for Customers to purchase tickets themselves.
  • Reduce front gate queues and process tickets faster.
  • Increase online sales and validate tickets quickly via unique barcode scanning.
  • Capacity Management - manage all in-attraction experience capacity and availability with ease. Change number of spaces quickly knowing that this syndicates immediately to front gate, all trade partners via the channel manager and Buddy Area.
  • Peak Periods - we know how busy peak periods can be! As Booking Boss is a SaaS, it means you can quickly open new terminals or use roaming devices to process sales within the queues.
  • Manifests - one click manifests for a paper copy or via mobile devices where you can check people in directly or scan ticket barcodes for instant validation.

Sales Team

  • Ability to sell all products and combo/package products and sell direct online, at front gate and via distribution at nett or commissionable rates.
  • Simplified and increased opportunities for distribution management:
    • OTAs via channel manager
    • Buddy area (for offline trade partners)
  • Reduced sales admin:
    • One click Nett rate management - no more lengthy rate loading per trade partner every contract year.
    • Increased accuracy in forecasting for distribution and trade revenue and pax numbers.
  • Less rate corrections:
    • Buddy Area bookings are automatically at correct nett rates
    • Pre-booked groups are automatically at correct nett rates
    • Front gate tour group tickets automatically apply nett rates
    • One click distributor reporting for simple month end reports
  • Keep your trade clients happy allowing them the ability to pre-book groups and FITs and view availability themselves via unique logins in the Buddy Area.

Product Management

  • In attraction experiences - open these upsell experiences to be bookable online and through trade partners. Create new experiences in Booking Boss within minutes.
  • Memberships and Annual Passes - Sell Annual Passes or memberships online or in park, with secure payments and instant confirmations. Retain members with auto renewals and give these valuable customers personal ID card that also acts as an entry ticket.
  • Education Programs - do you have a Schools Program? Manage schools programs products and bookings with ease.
  • Parties - parties can be booked online allowing for easier capacity management and happier customers
  • Special events - do you run any special events at your venue? Sell tickets for the event all within Booking Boss.

Executive Management Team

  • They get answers quickly!
  • Knowledge that their teams are doing the important parts of their roles and not weighed down with multiple reports and unnecessary admin.

Marketing Team

  • Increase direct bookings revenue through selling all products online and being able to package (ie General Admission ticket with an in-attraction tour/experience).
  • Track campaigns conversion with Promo codes and link your Google Analytics account
  • Customer data capture
  • Ability to connect to CRMs

Your customers

  • Can book anywhere at anytime.
  • No need to print tickets and validate directly from their smartphone.
  • Can book and confirm additional experiences - no need to worry that they will sell out.
  • Minimal queuing and wait times.
  • Self Service options with Self Service Kiosks


Your Attraction's Technology Eco-System

Attraction Technology Ecosystem


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  • Process_Step_1-V2.png

    Refine and Prioritise

    • Agree on priorities for phased implementations e.g. online ticketing.
    • Specify any hardware required.


    • Close collaboration to develop and improve product on customer request.
    • Improvements available to all customers.
  • Process_Step_2-V2.png


    • Set up system with experience content.
    • Load future bookings.
    • Create checkout.
    • Activate account.
    • Train and prepare staff in their own context.


    • Training refresh, intensive onsite support and documentation helps ensure a smooth go-live and transition.
  • Process_Step_3-V2.png


    • Ongoing monitoring and check-ins.
    • Access to 24/7 support.


    • Not a set and forget process - active monitoring and support of systems across the board.
  • Process_Step_4-V2.png


    • Training refresh.
    • Assess staff readiness.
    • Launch functions e.g. checkouts & connect website.
    • Testing.
    • Documentation provision.
    • Situate support onsite for instant response during go-live process.
    • Go-live.


    • Help wind down current systems.
    • Get staff used to system.
  • Process_Step_5-V2.png


    • Inform customers of relevant new releases and features.
    • Plan and deliver next phases.
    • Co-create additional features with attraction partners


    • Onsite training is really valuable. As someone is physically there you can ask more questions.
    • Respond immediately, real-life scenario.
    • Dedicated onsite training.



With APIs available, ability to connect to financial, BI and CRM systems. 



Get paid instantly through your preferred payment gateway for online bookings and connect the POS directly to your Eftpos for faster transactions. Plus: Every one of our active gateways is compliant to protect both you and your visitors.



Increase/decrease seats quickly for sale as required. Schedule and reallocate visitors easily and with automation, using email or SMS for instant confirmations. Manage private charter groups, tour series and 'non public' experiences in the one place.



Offer commissionable rates or nett rates according to your specific distributor relationship with our nett rate manager. Reduce human error and finance corrections.


Create packages and sell multiple products set at one price. 


Offer PROMO codes to track conversions.



Direct connectivity to hundreds of major OTAs and OAAs including; Livn, Expedia, TXA, Viator, Tripadvisor, RedBalloon, Adrenalin, SimpleNight, Ticketmates and GetyourGuide. Get automated updates on availability for seamless experience and higher conversions.



Customised and centralised reporting. Pull reports quickly and Filter by time, date, product or staff member. Simply quantify all efforts.



Sell everything you have to offer through every channel. Provide your customers with an exceptional customer service experience by enabling online bookings, in-attraction experience sales or memberships and preventing queues and wait times at your attraction.



Sell one-off or membership options online or in-park, with secure payments and instant confirmations. Retain members with auto-renewals. Track member usage to deepen your customer insights. 



Enable schools to book online, lodge expected numbers and specify their requirements for guided tours, age groups, topics and more. Track and review education bookings in real time. Automate time-consuming processes.



Clients are able to book and confirm party packages for a date/time.


Sell special event tickets in the one place with the ability to sell direct and via trade partners at nett rates (if required) 



Reduce queues and wait times with online or in-park purchases. Enable booking of in-park experiences at the time of the front gate. Offer mobile ticketing and simple scanning validation for customer convenience.



Give offline trade (ITOs, wholesalers, agents, tour desks, concierges) access to their portal for real-time availability and ticketing on account or pre-pay terms. Agents can book tickets, see their nett rate or commissions and provide instant confirmation.

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