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What is Booking Boss Payments?

Booking Boss Payments is a huge leap forward for the travel activity industry. Finally there is a booking platform out there that allows you to accept online payments simply, easily and safely. Booking Boss Payments is an integrated payment gateway available in Australia, freeing you from the administrative burden of trying to set up a gateway yourself.

Why you'll love using Booking Boss Payments: 

Have your payment gateway sorted in minutes
Simply tell us which bank account you'd like to be paid into, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Get paid faster
Customers can pay anywhere, from any device, and at any time.
Improved cashflow
Payments settle into your account overnight so you can get your hands on the funds quickly, simply and securely. 
Simple, transparent pricing
Your customers are charged a transaction fee of 3% + 0.30c for most transactions. Meaning Booking Boss Payments is free for you to use. 

Frequently asked questions:

Why do I have to enter my bank account details and personal information?
Booking Boss Payments complies with industry-standard Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks for the safety of all of our customers.

Once the KYC checks are completed, we can pay you via your bank account.

How long will it take to be paid for my sale?
If you have chosen to be paid by wire/bank transfer (domestic USA or international) the funds should be in your bank account in between one to four days after release, depending on your bank’s processing speed. If you getting paid through PayPal, the funds should clear in your account within one to three days. Some countries are known to banks as “slow-to-pay”, which can extend the time to receive funds by up to three weeks.

How does Booking Boss Payments protect me from a fraudulent customer?
Our fraud and risk prevention team reviews all transactions against a number of different factors that present concern. Our team looks into each and every one and may choose to refund payments which we believe to be fraudulent or illegitimate. Typically those customers would also be permanently banned from Booking Boss Payments as well.

When will Booking Boss Payments become available in other countries?
Booking Boss Payments will soon also be available for our New Zealand and US clients.
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