Our Team


Renee Welsh


With 15 years’ experience in the travel and tourism sector, and a Bring It On attitude, Renee’s passion for her industry is infectious. Renee embodies a can-do attitude, and as a result is happiest when solving a problem that previously seemed insurmountable. It is this kind of approach that sees her constantly and ambitiously innovating her product offering for her global client base, which was industry-recognised in 2014 with Booking Boss’ Australian Business Award for Best Software Product. When not sniffing out a crazy client challenge or speaking at travel conferences, you can find Renee on her yoga mat, hanging out with her kids, or studiously avoiding home cooking duties. 


Andy Welsh


So, I saw this hilarious thing on reddit... is a standard conversation opener you’ll experience from Andy, whose humour and lust for life are madly infectious. When not giving everyone around him a chortle, Andy can be found working his magic on the Booking Boss system.
Thrown into Dev at the Deep End, Andy was responsible for pioneering an early 90s migration of university research into an online system. Since then, he’s worked on projects as diverse as cart part management systems to house valuation systems with some of the world’s most magician-like devs and cutting-edge organisations. Proudest of winning Best Software Product 2014 from the ABA, Andy attributes 90 percent of Booking Boss’ amazing journey to the positive ‘give it a go’ attitude that he shares with co-owner Renee, and 10 percent to the lucky number 8. Who knew?

Emma Rodwell, Booking Boss

Emma Rodwell

Collecting stamps in her passport from an early age, Emma's love for travel has seen her study Tourism Marketing and later on, packing up her life on more than one occasion to live and travel overseas. Each time she's returned home she's been drawn back to the travel industry, working in reservations, account and project management for organisations such as YHA, GoDo and Harbour Jet.
Always one to be looking for a good project to sink her teeth into, be it digital makeover, implementing a new system or yes, even a home reno or two. She may be small, but her passionate attitude and positive approach make for a mighty impact with whatever challenges are thrown her way. Out of the office, best bet you'll find her in splashing in the ocean, striving for a podium finish (but really just aiming to finish without having to be rescued!).


Lisa Marie Craye

Not quite tall enough to be a flight attendant, Lisa Marie has enough height and smarts to explore the tourism industry in different ways, which have seen her working in several support and sales roles, and in companies as diverse as Bounty Cruises and Wayoutback Desert Safaris.
Lisa Marie is fanatical about helping people succeed, whether they are clients or teammates, and her work philosophy helps her do just that: Be a Hero - throw on your cape and do whatever it takes to fix a problem, make someone’s day or exceed expectations.
When she’s not busy helping clients succeed on the Booking Boss platform, you’ll find her taking beautiful photographs or coveting vintage cars, clothes and furniture - or if she’s lucky, both.


Jaime Metcher

Having started life as a nuclear physicist, abstraction and modelling come naturally to Jaime. And after 25 years in development and strategy, Jaime has seen his fair share of gotchas. It's this kind of experience he loves to apply to his art.
Jaime is driven by the thrill of working with the kind of super-brains we find in the software world, and adding his own value to the mix. He also believes that inspiration comes from everywhere, not just from your computer desk, and so tries to get inspiration from as many different environments and people as he can when solving a major problem.

In real life Jaime is a bass player: I believe I still have an aging fan out there somewhere, he says, looking off into the distance to reminisce over his Goth days.