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Booking Boss for Online Distributors

Customers now expect instantaneous access to pricing and availability and being able to book at any time. Do you have clients who are Booking Boss customers? Connect to Booking Boss to access up-to-date inventory to help you keep happy customers.


Let's Get Connected!




Instant access to live inventory

As an OTA or OAA, our system gives you access to live inventory. Provide a better customer experience and achieve higher conversion rates here.


Connect to Booking Boss

Connect to us! With a suite of APIs, we can provide you with the documentation to build the connection. Our support team will assist with mapping product directly.


Instant tickets and confirmations

Improve the customer experience with instant ticketing and confirmations. Reduce lost bookings and maximise your revenue with Booking Boss. Ability to print Booking Boss barcodes onto your confirmations so your customers have a ticket ready for validation upon arrival.


Access the best and the broadest range of operators

The Booking Boss network is substantial, volume driven and growing fast. You retain your relationships directly with your clients and negotiate your rates/terms as usual. We are here to help build that instant bookings bridge.


Relationship Management

We assist you to broker impactful campaigns with our customer group, access relevant products and offers in appropriate regions. We are your partner on the ground, making campaigns easier to source and ultimately more successful.