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Inbound & Wholesale Tourism Trade Management Software for Attractions & Tours.

Manage your Inbound Tour Operators, Receptives, Wholesale, Travel Agents rates in the one place.

We know that sometimes you can have hundreds of trade partners that contract different rates that sell FIT’s or Groups or Corporate or PCOs. How does sales, finance and the front gate staff remember all those different rates?

Booking Boss developed a sophisticated nett rate management module to help you manage your trade rates so you basically can set and forget. Easy! No more rate loading each contract year for every single trade partner. Just updated your RRP and we sort out the rest.


  • Centrally manage trade nett rates in one place - 
    Can apply a nett rate % across a whole product or drill down to the ticket type (e.g. 25% for an adult ticket and 20% for a child ticket).
  • Less rate errors and corrections - automatically applies nett rate in the Ticketing POS when the relevant trade partner is selected.
  • Allows for “on account” clients and prepayment clients
  • Offer your trade partners access to a “Buddy Website” where they can view live inventory for tours or in attraction experiences (view availability themselves) and they can book, pay (if required) and print tickets themselves.
  • Simple reporting to help your sales team and finance end of month reports to be easier and quicker!
  • Can scope potential integration with your existing ticketing platform (fee's apply).


From $44* per month, let us help you streamline your important trade business and help make it easier for you and your business.


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