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Simplenight & Booking Boss Channel Manger Integration

Simplenight & Booking Boss Channel Manager Integration


SIMPLENIGHT is a B2B marketplace for travel experiences. The SIMPLENIGHT® Global Experience Platform™ is a state of the art global distribution system for non-traditional travel products, such as tours, attractions, activities, nightlife, dining, transportation, shows, special events, and more. The platform serves as a marketplace, relational database, and booking and payment system between global distribution channels and global inventory suppliers of products and services.

Why connect Booking Boss to SIMPLENIGHT?

  • Integrating Booking Boss with SIMPLENIGHT is easy
  • Increase your exposure and revenue as Simplenight connects into Travelport, Sabre, Marriott and Air Canada.
  • Sell your inventory through airlines, hotels and over 500,000 travel agents worldwide
  • Reach a global audience in multiple language and currencies
  • Display your real-time availability and offering costs

How can I connect Booking Boss to SIMPLENIGHT?

  • If you already work with SIMPLENIGHT yyou can email us on and let us know which product you want to map and we will look after the rest!
  • If you do not already work with SIMPLENIGHT, you can contact there here and they will look after setting you up.

Not sure about distribution?

Booking Boss is a powerful online booking platform that integrates with the most well-known distribution partners in the industry including online activity agents, online travel agencies, inbound tour operators, overseas travel distributors and government websites. Don’t know what’s the best fit for your business?


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