Bookeasy & Booking Boss Channel Manager Integration

Bookeasy & Booking Boss Channel Manager Integration

About Bookeasy

Bookeasy is the leading destination management system for the Tourism Industry.  The system is currently being used by over 170 destinations encompassing Visitor Information Centres, National Parks, Property Managers and Specialised Tourism Providers across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  We also have over 45,000 active tourism operator consoles currently being used, making it one of Australia's largest content providers for the tourism industry.

Why connect Bookeasy and Booking Boss?

  • Connect to Bookeasy via Livn - make sure you let Livn know so they can map the product for you.
  • Use Booking Boss to check availability, rates, plan and confirm reservations all in real-time.
  • Gain access to local Visitor Information Centres and Destination sites in your local area. Make sure you speak with your local visitor information centre to ensure they are a Bookeasy client.

How can I connect Booking Boss to Livn?

  • If you already work with Bookeasy and Livn you can email us on and let us know which product you want to map and we will look after the rest!
  • If you do not already work with Bookeasy, you can contact them here. You will also need to work with Livn and you can sign up here.

Not sure about distribution?

Booking Boss is a powerful online booking platform that integrates with the most well-known distribution partners in the industry including online activity agents, online travel agencies, inbound tour operators, overseas travel distributors and government websites. Don’t know what’s the best fit for your business?


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