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Booking Boss & Adrenaline Channel Manager Connection

Booking Boss & Adrenaline Channel Manager Integration

About Adrenaline

Adrenaline is a leading seller of gift vouchers and unique experiences in Australia and the USA. It was founded through a passion for adventure and is proudly Australia’s longest running adventure site. The company has been granting wishes and making dreams come true for over 19 years. With over 2500 experiences on offer, their customers will be sure to find a gift for any occasion. At Adrenalin each team member practices what they preach, from V8s to sky diving, to climbing mountains and skiing - there’s always an adventure around the corner.

Booking Boss lets you market your offerings on Adrenaline through our sophisticated operator’s portal.

Why connect Adrenaline and Booking Boss?

  • If you have an Australian or US offering in a major city that will make someone go ‘WooHoo!’, you’ll be exposed to a hyper-targeted adrenalin seeking market (from both the local area and tourists) - remember they do all the marketing to this target market for you!
  • Display your real-time availability and offering costs
  • Keep track of your sales through the Booking Boss portal

How can I connect Booking Boss to Adrenaline?

  • If you already work with Adrenaline you simply log into your booking boss account and opt in.
  • If you don't have a contract with Adrenaline, you can call or email them to set this up directly and negotiate rates. Once this is completed, then you simply log into your booking boss account and opt in. Need help setting rates? Review the tips on how to set them here.

Not sure about distribution?

Booking Boss is a powerful online booking platform that integrates with the most well-known distribution partners in the industry including online activity agents, online travel agencies, inbound tour operators, overseas travel distributors and government websites. Don’t know what’s the best fit for your business?


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