Booking Boss

The top travel industry trends you need to know
for 2016

Understanding the new traveller and how they will change the travel industry just got easier.

Technology has revolutionised the travel industry and with this the new traveller has emerged.

As a travel business or tour operator you need to understand how the new traveller is changing the industry. Your business needs to cater to their needs to ensure success and profitability in 2016.

Booking Boss’ CEO Renee Welsh recently presented at International Smart Tourism Conference in China. She’s made her presentation available for download.


Download Renee Welsh’s presentation “The new type of traveller & its impact on distribution” to understand:

  • The five stages of travel and how they impact modern travellers’ expectations
  • How social media is changing the definition of ‘fast’ and how this is affecting the new traveller
  • Why you need to start treating your sales team as a ‘brand’ not a business
  • How new travellers are changing the industry and what you can do to stay on top of it

This presentation has the data to help shape the future of your business for 2016.