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The only all-inclusive growth platform

Booking Boss is so much more than just an online booking system.

Booking Boss is a powerful system that enables you to streamline your bookings and capacity management processes all from one platform. Booking Boss helps you take more bookings, make more sales and expand your footprint, while reducing your admin workload.

Go Further

Booking Boss helps to streamline and automate the booking process and make capacity management simple. This means you spend less time worrying about admin, and more time in the field, improving your experience.


Online Booking

  • Take bookings on your website - direct and distributor
  • Accept mobile bookings with our fully responsive check-out
  • Accept offline bookings from agents and concierges
  • Intuitive interface and simple 3-Step booking process
  • Enable anyone who is booking to check availability and pricing in real-time


  • Automated confirmations and reminders improve customer interactions
  • Increases internal capacity to focus on the experience
  • Easy group promotions, seasonal pricing and discount management


  • Secure payments at the time of booking
  • Touch screen processing
  • Fast ticket processing times
  • Free and instant access to integrated payment gateway, Booking Boss Payments

Capacity Management

  • One-click manifests and reconciliation
  • Fast and easy reallocation

Sales Optimisation

  • Up-sell and cross-sell of ancillary products
  • On-the-day upsell, or pre-determined packages

Fully-Supported, Easy and Free Implementation

  • Supported and easy implementation: set and forget
  • Qualified support to help you set it up the right way, the first time
  • So easy to use, little training required

Human Support

  • We’re known for our responsive 24/7 customer support
  • Phone, email or chat - we’re always available


  • Access-all-features: competitive pricing with no hidden costs for additional features
  • Scales with your business


Booking Boss' relationships with some of the world’s largest distribution networks, coupled with sales and marketing tools and advice, give you integrated access to all of the sales that your business can handle.


Increased Sales

  • Quick-tickets and discount promo codes available
  • Access to distributors, bookings from distributors entered straight into your system
  • Conversion optimisation: get analytics on your check-out to stop losing sales opportunities
  • Get paid instantly, without transaction costs for your business through Booking Boss Payments

Improved Marketing

  • Advice on optimising distributor relationships
  • Brokering of distributor campaigns on your behalf
  • Proactive sourcing of relevant campaign opportunities with distributors
  • Marketing tools and templates to help you accelerate your success
  • Analytics and advice to help you optimise your efforts
  • Operator fit-for-purpose websites available on request (not included in platform cost)


From efficiency and reliability, to growth and well-supported expansion, Booking Boss has you covered. No longer chained to spreadsheets and calendars, now you’re doing the things you love, working efficiently and profitably, and remembering why you got into this business in the first place.

Our scalable, flexible technology and powerful analytics support your growth, helping you make the best business decisions for expansion.


Reporting and Analytics

  • Identify and optimise your main revenue drivers
  • Test and measure different pricing and promotion strategies
  • Get clear visibility of revenue streams and profitability: all from the one platform

Scale with the platform

  • Scalable technology - access-all features means that Booking Boss just grows with you
  • One price for across-the-board access
  • Extra features as they are developed. No hidden costs

Get the features you need

  • Need a new feature? Contribute your idea and get support for it through Freshdesk.
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