Webinar on demand: How tour operators and attractions can appeal to luxury travellers

Get actionable advice from luxury travel expert Carolyn Childs in this downloadble webinar.


Would you like to add a luxury offering to your tour products, but are unsure how you can appeal to the Iuxury market? Does your attraction already give people an upmarket option, but it’s just not resonating? Download this webinar to find out how to get luxury right.


In the third instalment of Booking Boss’ #TourismTakeaway, we’re thrilled to be joined by Carolyn Childs, Evidence-based Strategist and Director at MyTravelResearch.com. The company has recently joined forces with Luxperience to uncover the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the luxury travel industry.


Carolyn’s talk covered:

  • Uncover the latest trends in luxury travel
  • Provide actionable advice that will help you appeal to this coveted market segment
  • Bust some common misconceptions about luxury travel (hint: there’s no such thing as ‘the’ luxury traveller)

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