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City Discovery & Booking Boss Channel Manager Integration

Booking Boss and City Discovery Channel Manager Integration

About City Discovery

City Discovery was established in 2003 by a team of travel professionals. City Discovery began as a simple web-based reservations system that allowed travelers to book tours and activities quickly and easily. It has grown into much more than that today, with more than 1 million travellers visiting the site to book tours, activities and transfers. City Discovery says the goal is the same now as it was then: to help travelers find inspiration and experiences to make the most of any trip.

City Discovery has their own travel agent program, affiliate program and white label solution.


City Discovery has:

  • 12 million website visitors per year
  • 16,000+ travel agencies
  • 1,000,000 customers worldwide
  • Supported in more than 18 languages

Why connect City Discovery and Booking Boss?

  • Generate more revenue with your offer displayed to thousands of travellers every day
  • Display your real-time availability and costings
  • Target tourists from all over the world (and get your product shown 18 different languages!)
  • Upload videos with your tour offerings. We know video sells.
  • Instantly send confirmation emails to your guests

How can I connect Booking Boss to City Discovery?

  • If you already work with City Discovery you simply email us at and let us know which product you would like mapped and we look after the rest!
  • If you do not already work with City Discovery, you can sign up with them here.

Not sure about distribution?

Booking Boss is a powerful online booking platform that integrates with the most well-known distribution partners in the industry including online activity agents, online travel agencies, inbound tour operators, overseas travel distributors and government websites. Don’t know what’s the best fit for your business?


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