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Booking Boss for Your Activity Business

With regularly departing sessions and high weather dependency, we know you’ll love the distributor relationships that will help to keep your activities full.

Easy inventory management and reallocation make your day a breeze, and our Point-of-Sale makes in-the-moment up and cross-sell a cinch for you too.



Sell more with minimum effort, with access to the largest distribution network available. Distributors are connected right into your system for self-serve bookings. You can easily track and measure where most of your customers are coming from too.


Inventory Management

Simplify the complexity of your inventory management. Take self-serve bookings from any channel, track inventory in real-time and easily manage capacity and yield to maximise your booking potential.


Payments & Vouchers

Get paid instantly through our PCI compliant Booking Boss Payments. Take advantage of peak retail seasons with easy voucher purchase and redeem functions.


Automated Reallocations

Reallocate and notify people in bulk, almost instantaneously. Send client reminders and confirmations and monitor performance in the moment, via SMS or email.


Reporting and Manifests

Get one-click manifests and highly granular reporting quickly to review any time period’s performance.


In-the-Moment Upsell

Upsell is made easy with our flexible touch-screen POS. Increase your share-of-wallet while improving customer experience at a tap.

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Fastrack Racing

David Maidment, Owner

“Booking Boss has given us insight into our business that spreadsheets are simply incapable of doing and as a result has helped us grow. We’ve been working with Booking Boss for several years now and we are still saying “We can do that? That’s awesome!”