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Booking Boss for your Classes Business

With limited capacity, set class times and importance of allocating a teacher or instructor to meet demand, your Classes business could do with some streamlining tools to make your job easier.


Capacity Management

Simplify the complexity of your capacity management. Take self-serve, online or offline bookings, track availability in real-time and easily manage capacity and yield to maximise your booking potential.



Sell more with minimum effort, with access to the largest distribution network available. Distributors are connected right into your system for self-serve bookings. You can easily track and measure where most of your customers are coming from too.


Staff Resourcing

Create notes for staff updating them on daily tasks or important information, track all activity per staff member and easily manage updates to your schedule.


Marketing and Sales Tools

Get paid upon booking via our PCI compliant Booking Boss Payments. Offer promotions, packages and create custom gift vouchers. Track class attendance easily.


Reporting and Manifests

Get one-click manifests and highly granular reporting, quickly, to review any time period’s performance.


Customising the experience

Need to know more information about your customers? Customise the experience with specific questions such as dietary requirements, eligibility conditions and more.

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BBQ School

Ben Farley, Owner

Thank you Booking Boss for the fabulous interface. It has made booking into our classes and events so much easier for our customers while also saving us time and money through streamlined internal booking processes.


The service we receive from Booking Boss is second to none. Renee and the team ensure they understand our business and are able to support us in real time to tight deadlines. I can't recommend Booking Boss highly enough to any business needing an effective booking solution.